5 Tips For a Healthy Scalp


You want healthy scalp ?! Just like the skin, the scalp can suffer and react to many factors. Redness, itching, and flaking can then appear. The solutions of the aromatherapist are to quickly find a soothed scalp.


If we take care of our hair, we often forget that our scalp is also a sensitive area. External factors (temperature, humidity, UV rays, pollution…) affect its condition, as do certain deficient diets.


During the menstrual cycle, it can also become more or less oily, more or less sensitive. Certain antibiotics and medications prescribed for certain chronic illnesses can also unbalance them. It is important to ask your doctor if you notice any changes in the condition of your scalp during treatment.


And don’t forget about hair dyes that contain irritating and allergenic molecules that can cause itching of the scalp. In short, our scalp is often abused. Aroma tips to help you forget about itching and tingling.


1- I’m itchy

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It itches, and the more you scratch, the worse it gets! Too dry, irritated, the scalp also itches when you’re a little stressed. Here again, an unsuitable shampoo can cause itching. This is the case if it is too detergent: formulas with sulfates should be banned. Also avoid shampoos containing silicones or polyquaterniums, whose film-forming (occlusive) effect may suffocate the scalp and cause itching.


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